CE 295 - Energy Systems and Control

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Introduction to energy system management and the underlying control system tools. Applications of interest include batteries, electric vehicles, renewable energy, power systems, and smart buildings/homes. Technical tools include system modeling, state-space representations, stability, parameter identification, state observers, feedback control, and optimization

Course Notes from Spring 2018

Ch. Title
CH1 Modeling and Systems Analysis
CH2 State Estimation
CH3 Optimization
CH4 Machine Learning
CH5 Optimal Energy Management

Homework Assignments from Spring 2018

No. Title
HW1 Battery Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation
HW2 State Estimation in Oil Well Drilling
HW3 Optimal Economic Dispatch in Distribution Feeders with Renewables
HW4 Forecasting Residential Electricity Power Consumption
HW5 Optimal PHEV Energy Management via Dynamic Programming

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